What does scout P. actually stand for?


The name “scout P.” relates to the work I do.
I consider myself a personal “scout”, supporting my customers in their everyday professional projects – with flair, expertise and experience.
The “P.” stands for Project support.


In my role as a “scout” I define the objectives together with my customers, explore the terrain before mapping out suitable routes to take and finally blazing a trail together through the jungle.
As a troubleshooter, moderator and trainer I help customers find their own solutions. I analyse, advise, recommend, guide and retain co-responsibility until implementation is completed.


My relationship with partners and customers must be trusting, fair and predictable. I value clear statements, intensive dialogue and cooperative implementation very highly. All the parties involved are integrated in ongoing processes. This promotes identification and ensures continuity in the long term.

What are the arguments in favour of using external staff?


Many managers are sceptical whether using external staff in their company will be worth their while. There are many advantages, however, that their own staff cannot offer. I have summarised these in a separate information sheet.