Why do we need project management
and how will you benefit?


The demands posed by complex tasks that need to be mastered within tight budgets and in the shortest possible time are on the increase in virtually all sectors of the economy. Project management is a proven strategy by which these challenges can be overcome.
Professionally organised projects guarantee a clear mitigation of economic risk. Clear goals and detailed advance planning, committed cooperation with internal and external partners and consistent follow-up to ensure successful implementation ensure transparency and maximum reliability and quality.
Projects progress more smoothly as a result, saving time, costs and stress.

Many companies organise complex tasks such as the development of a new product or property, organisational reorientation, extending or shifting the range of goods and services or introducing new production processes in this way.

Why not take advantage of the convenience of competent support in your projects without the need for long term commitment.

What does scout P. offer?

My services

With scout P. I support a wide range of organisations in planning and implementing complex technical and strategic projects.

Independent moderation by a skilled and socially competent person who stays on top of activities is decisive to the success of a project.

As your Interim Manager, I plan and organise actual projects within their specific operational environment and realise them together with in-house staff. The planning phase requires an objective, methodical analyst, followed by implementation, which is primarily a managerial function.

As your Coach or Trainer, I teach in-house staff basic project management techniques and use seminars and practical workshops to mould them into experienced project teams. Competence in the organisation and control of projects is developed in this way and also the general understanding that complex correlations can be resolved in, and with the support of, project teams in a results-oriented way.

Target group

My customers largely comprise medium-sized and large organisations in the political and business sector.

What are the concrete project management tasks?

Elements of day-to-day work

Typical activities in project planning and control include:

  • Defining objectives
  • Structuring a project and dividing it into logical, well-
  • structured phases
  • Setting up an effective team and assigning responsibilities/roles
  • Creating a database for a schedule and budget plan
  • Drawing up specifications
  • Managing and supervising projects with personal commitment and using simple, standard software tools (structural and project plan, status report, list of pending actions)
  • Setting milestones and making decisions in good time
  • Regular updating of files (for immediate detection of target/actual discrepancies)
  • Solving identified stumbling blocks with expertise and human sensitivity (finding compromises between quality, scheduling and costs)
  • Ensuring optimal project status transparency at all times
  • Documenting project progress (management info)
  • Holding ad-hoc workshops and seminars


I have summarised my profile and services in a 4-page text document available here for download as a PDF file.